Do-Re-Mi Family Club Newsletter 2019

 Volume 11, Issue 2

I am amazed of our children’s shiny eyes and brilliant attitude of listening skills and following teacher’s instructions in our everyday classes during my rhythmic sessions. I know that our parents never had an opportunity to see these shining eyes since they are sitting together. This is inspiring and also a huge motivation for me to have strong determination to teach better and improved in the classes. Surprisingly, even 6 months old babies are lending their ears to my musical voices and fun filled piano melodies.

We offer “EXPERIENCES” through our music and movement classes and school programs, our children to be able to imagine and explore to enjoy this world actively. Commonly we say that child’s brain is like a sponge. It absorbs information very fast. They learn from us everyday, our behaviors, our customs, habits and environment. I believe that it is not only about how much we lead our children to read many books or to go higher standard schools, in fact our children learn best only from a REAL EXAMPLE of wonderful persons around themDear Parents, let’s play together and laugh together with our well-designed music and movement basis activities. We hope it helps to bring up our children’s positive energy to their brighter future. We, all of Do-Re-Mi teachers are always motivated by looking through our students’ shining eyes, we know that we are doing well.

Happy parenting                                                                                                                                   Yumi HASEGAWA

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January 2019

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Do-Re-Mi Family Club

Kids Garden at Marina Residence. No.8, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.

Wonderland Classes News (18mths ~ 3yrs)

January News:          

            We wonderland kids have learnt about lots of zoo animals during the month of January. They love to pretend like snake, lion and squirrel in our music time at with piano.

We had a special program “ Zoo Trip” in January too. They have learnt not only through stories, art & craft, music and flash cards but also from our exciting zoo trip. Their very first zoo trip together with their friends and teachers, they have built a stronger friendship with friends and teachers at this trip.  

What Wonderland will learn in February;

The Theme: I Love Myself, My Friends and My Family


Art and Craft: Photo Frame, Bag, Fish, and Valentines’ Card


Story: Hug, Owl Babies, What do you love, and Selfish Crocodile.


Music: Steady beat with instruments and dance with partner by learning spatial awareness, body awareness, and sharing love with friends and parents through fun music activities.


Ms. Ah Naw

Kinderland Junior Class News (3yrs~4yrs)

January News:

             We are sure that you all had a great time with us at the zoo. We would like to thank all the parents for your kind cooperation and support at our zoo trip. Among January class activities, playing guessing game about zoo animals was their favorite. They all participated happily and most kids could answer well.

Next month, we are going to have Valentines party with fun games and activities and we are looking forward  the parents and friends to join with us.




What Wonderland will learn in February;

Theme: Love around us !

Learning about ‘Love and Kindness’  and how to express their feelings through our daily activities


Learning Focus: Social Development (Paying attention to others)


Art and Craft: Heart-shaped hippo, Bumblebee and Family Photo Frame


Cooking: Fruits Yoghurt, Noodle Salad, Strawberry Milk Shake and Sushi

Music: We will explore different sound of instruments by singing ’I hear a sound’ and learn social skill through the song ‘We’ll be friends forever more‘.


Ms. Dimple



Kinderland Senior Class News ( 4yrs ~ 5yrs)

January News:

2018 went by fast! We would like to wish you a

prosperous and happy new year!

Our learning theme for this month reflects zoo animals, therefore, our kids enjoyed art and craft time by creating different animals. We experienced very exciting zoo trip where the children got the experience of working together with group, taking own responsibility as well as helping each other.

Thank you so much for your cooperation for this interesting and educational experience. We learned so much!

During our last weeks, we learnt about animals

Habitats, some endangered species and how to save them. Ours children participated well in project learning. Also, February should be equally as fun and busy. We are looking forward to learn about friends and family.

What Wonderland will learn in February;

The Theme: Family and Pets


Learning Focus: Good Manners


Art and Craft: My House, Friendship Art and Photo Frame and Valentine card.


Cooking: Mashed potato, Fruit Parfait, Healthy Rice Crackers and Noodle soup.


Music: Singing along “Built myself a house” song with different kinds of instruments , music notes and rhythm patterns. And dancing “ All around the kitchen “ song for partner movement improvisation and reciting poems will be included in our music time.




Ms.  Su

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