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Please Take Note

  • Club Membership fee is applying for all (Special Discount is applying for Marina Residents)
  • 10~30% Special Discount is applying for long term members
  • All paid fees are Non-substitutable, Non-transferable and Non-refundable
  • Availability of classes is strictly on a first come first serve basis
  • Daily Programs Booking: the daily program information.
  • Children with difficulties in the class will be requested for small class setting and/or our Recommended Professional Specialist’s observations with additional fees.
  • (အတန္းတြင္းအခက္အခဲရွိေသာကေလးမ်ားသည္အတန္းငယ္သို႕ေျပာင္းေရႊ႕ျခင္း(ႏွင့္/သို႔)ကၽြႏု္ပ္တို႔၏အၾကံျပဳေထာက္ခံမႈရွိျပီးေသာ ကၽြမ္းက်င္အထူးကုပညာရွင္၏ (အပိုေၾကးႏွင့္တကြ)လမ္းညႊန္မႈမ်ားတြင္အတူတကြပါ၀င္ေဆာင္ရြက္ရမည္ျဖစ္သည္။)
  • Disclaimer: Do-Re-Mi Family Club reserves the right to change or cancel any class schedule timing shown here, without prior notice. Class timings reflected here does not imply that vacancies are available.

April to June Term: 10 weeks (1 April ~ 30 Jun 2019)

Close on Water Festival Holiday: 8 ~ 19 April 2019

“WONDERLEND”  age: 21 ~ 36 months old (With parent/caregiver)

  • Opens at room 105, fun playing at bigger place with more friends!
  • Learning English through fun activities with friends!!
  • Program: Music & Movement, Art & Craft, Phonics Introduction, Storytelling, Kids fitness class,Outside play, Sand & Water play, Mini-Live Music Concert and Snack time.

“KINDERLAND” age: 3 years ~ 5/6 years old

Junior’s class age: 3 ~4 years old

Senior’s class age: 4 ~ 5 (6) years old

  • Learning English through fun activities with friends!!
  • Program: Music & Movement, Art & Craft, Storytelling, English (Phonics, Reading and Grammar),Kids fitness class & KARATE, Outside play, Swimming class, Cooking time, Mini-Live Music Concert!
  • Afternoon class : Inclusive learning Language/ Numbers / Shapes as using computer software,Language (Reading Myanmar & Pre-writing English) Melodeon & Rhythmic Music class
Wonderland-2daysTue. / Thu.9:30~11:30 am
Wonderland-3daysMon. / Wed./ Fri.9:30~11:30 am
Kinderland-3daysMon./ Wed./ Fri.     9:00~12:00 am
Kinderland-5daysMon. to  Fri.     9:00~12:00 am
 Additional Afternoon -2 daysMon. / Fri. ~ 2:30 pm
Additional Afternoon -3 daysMon./ Wed./ Fri.~ 2:30 pm
  • Wonderland Entrance fee is applied.
  • Exclusive Art T-shirt fee
  • The recommendation from our Music and Movement’s Classes instructors and supervisors is needed.
  • Wonderland Entrance fee is applied.
  • Exclusive Art T-shirt fee

To join our Kinderland (preschool program), we strongly suggest your child to take Wonderland (pre-preschool program) before Kinderland and please follow the below procedure.

  • (Step 1) Booking must be made by not later than 3.5 years old
  • (Step 2) The recommendation from our Music and Movement’s Classes instructors and supervisors is needed.
  • (Step 3) Parent must be able to attend our class orientation before the payment enrolment.


Vacancies availability depends on the term intake and the class size. We reserve the right to change or cancel any class schedule timing without prior notice.

1. Children aged 0 ~ 12 months old / 12 ~ 18 months old (with parent)

* Music and Movement “Peek a boo” (45mins.)


DayTimeAgeTitleInstructorTerm Duration
Mondays3:30~4:15 pm12~18 monthsMy DreamMs. Susan22 Apr ~24 Jun 2019
Tuesdays3:30~4:15 pm0~12 monthsOn My FarmMs. Susan23 Apr ~25 Jun 2019
4:30~5:15 pm12~18 monthsMy DreamMs. Mai Mai
Wednesdays2:30~3:15 pm12~18 monthsMy DreamMs. Susan24 Apr ~26 Jun 2019
Saturdays12:45~1:30 pm12~18 monthsMy DreamMs. Mai Mai27 Apr ~ 29 Jun 2019
 3:00 ~ 3:45 pm12~18 monthsMy DreamMs. Susan
4:00~4:45 pm0~12 monthsOn My FarmMs. Susan

*Baby Fitness Class 12 ~ 21 months old (45 mins.)


Physical exercise classes are extremely helpful for your baby’s total development. We offer different ways to interact with others,providing safe and warm environment by using baby friendly soft and hygienic materials such as balls, mats,slide, balancing beam, stones and many more


DayTimeRoomInstructorTerm Duration
Thursdays3:15 ~ 4:00 pmGreenfieldMs. Mai Mai25 Apr ~27 Jun 2019

2. Children aged 18 ~ 24 months (with parent)

*Music and Movement “Merry go round” (45 mins.)


DayTimeTitleInstructorTerm Duration
Tuesdays3:30~4:15 pmWhere we go? Here we go!Ms. MaiMai23 Apr ~25 Jun 2019
Wednesdays3:30~4:15 pmLet’s SplashMs. Mai Mai24 Apr ~26 Jun 2019
Thursdays3:30~4:15 pmBusy TownMs. Yu25 Apr ~ 27 Jun 2019
Fridays3:30~4:15 pmWhere we go? Here we go!Ms. Yu26 Apr ~28 Jun 2019
Saturdays9:00~9:45 amBusy TownMs. Htee Hta27 Apr ~ 29 Jun 2019
9:15~10:00 amWhere we go? Here we go!Ms. Yu

3. Children aged 21 ~ 36 months (with parent)

DOREMILAND- 2 ~ 5 days from weekdays’ sessions – 1 day class available only on Saturday’s session

“DOREMILAND” is a special combination class of creative music and movement, kids’fitness stimulates their gross motor skill and art and craft helps their fine motor skills as they cutting paper with scissor, coloring and drawing with crayons….etc….Let’s make them healthy and happy!!

Music and Movement (45 mins.)with “Kids Fitness Class” (15 mins.)

**Music and Movement (45 mins) with “Art and Craft/Cooking Class” (15 mins.)

Life in Yangon is centered on automobile, discourage walking, bicycling, also concerns about weather and safety issue….. We offer well-designed physical exercise program Which helps children’s total development, also nerve system and brain development.

Our early year Art & Craft /Cooking class stress-free activities mainly focus on Bilateral Coordination and Fine Motor Coordination. Crafts (such as coloring, drawing and cutting) Cooking (chopping, spreading and …) will let your child to use both of their hands together. Drawing shapes, cut patterns, chopping vegetables, spreading jams and scribbling will enhance their motor coordination. Making creative crafts and which needs drying encourage our children to learn about patience and self control as these require waiting for some time to have a good outcome of their handcrafted objects. Most importantly, your child will surely love spending time with you and creating something together!!!

DayTimeRoomTitleInstructorTerm Duration
Weekdays’ sessionMondays4:30~5:30


Dew DropsMusic and Movement
~Where we go?Here we go!~
with Art & Craft
Ms.Mai Mai


22 Apr ~24 Jun 2019
TuesdaysMusic and Movement
~Busy Town~
with Kids Fitness

Ms. Htee Hta

23 Apr ~ 25 Jun 2019
WednesdaysMusic and Movement
~Let’s Splash~
with Kids Fitness
Ms.Mai Mai

Ms.Htee Hta

24 Apr ~ 26 Jun 2019
ThursdaysMusic and Movement
~Where we go?Here we go!~
with Art & Craft
Ms.Mai Mai


25 Apr ~ 27 Jun 2019
FridaysMusic and Movement
~ Let’s Splash~
with Cooking


26 Apr ~ 28 Jun 2019


10:15~11:15 amMusic and Movement
~ Busy Town~
with Kids Fitness

Ms. Htee Hta

27 Apr ~ 29 Jun
11:30~12:30 pmMusic and Movement
~Where we go?Here we go!~
with Art &Craft
Ms. Yu

Ms. Mai Mai



Music and Movement
~Where we go?Here we go!~
with Cooking
Ms.Mai Mai

Ms. Htee Hta



Music and Movement
~Let’s Splash~
with Kids Fitness
Ms.Mai Mai

Ms. Htee Hta

4. Children aged 3~4/4~5/5~7 y.o and above (NO parent in the room)

* Music and Movement (45 mins.) with Art and Craft (15 mins.)  

Jack in the box : Aged 3~4/4~5 y.o

We encourage our young children to participateour combination class with creative art and craft time which helps children’s hands-eye coordination and fun filled music and movement lessons.

DayTimeAgeTitleInstructorTerm Duration
Saturdays10:00~11:00am3~4 y.oMagic SpaceMs.Ah Htoi27 Apr ~ 29 Jun 2019
12:30~1:30 pm4~5 y.oMs.Htee Hta
1:45 ~2:45 pm3~4 y.oMs.Susan

Music Band (60 mins.): Aged 5~7 y.o

Your first instrument “Melodeon” at our fun filled music class! (Melodeon available at office)



DayTimeRoomTitleInstructorTerm  Duration
Saturdays11:15~12:15 pmStarlightSea Sea SeaMs.Ah Htoi
Ms. Htee Hta
27 Apr ~ 29 Jun 2019

*Art and Craft Class: NO parent/caregiver in the classroom

DayTimeRoomAgeInstructorTerm  Duration
Saturdays10:20~11:00 amRainbow6 ~ 8 y/oMs.Htee Htar27 Apr ~ 29 Jun 2019

*Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar English Class: aged 3 y.o ~ above (Booking Only)

*Music Instruments Class (Piano, Keyboard, Flute and Violin) aged 7y.o ~ above

* Kids Fitness Class (45mins.) aged 3 ~ 8 y/o

Our well designed, safe and stimulating environment which young children can explore And experiment with lots of fun.Various exercises are based on Japan Child Physical Association Curriculum which includes, Basic Movement, Ball exercise, Jumping rope, Gymnastic Exercise (Mat exercise, Iron bar, Horse box, Balance Beam…etc…). Fun Bouldering stimulates children to use all their limbs, along with their mind. It also helps children to solve the problems and to know the joy of achievement.

Aged: 3 ~ 5 y/o

Aged: 5 ~ 8 y/o

DayTimeMins.Term Duration
Wednesdays3:30~4:15 pm4524 Apr ~ 26 Jun 2019
4:30 ~ 5:15 pm45
Saturdays10:15~11:00 am4527 Apr ~ 29 Jun 2019
11:15~12:00 pm45
DayTimeMins.Term Duration
Saturdays9:15~10:00 am4527 Apr ~ 29 Jun 2019

“Family Fun Bouldering”

Acquire all kinds of positive skills!!

Bouldering (low height climbing wall) requires a combination of creative thinking and physical output. Kids also learn problem solving. It is a puzzle to unlock, sometimes requiringthe ability to back off, look at the route anew, and start again. Less athletic kids often shine,surprising even themselves. And more, this is a good opportunity for kids to learn self safety skills and responsibility.

အေကာင္းျမင္တတ္ေသာစိတ္မ်ားကိုရရွိလာႏိုင္ပါသည္။ ဖန္တီးမႈစြမ္းရည္ႏွင့္ ရုပ္ပိုင္းဆိုင္ရာအားထုတ္မႈ တို႔ကိုေပါင္းစပ္တတ္ရန္ သင္ယူႏိုင္ပါသည္။ ကေလးမ်ား၏ ျပသာနာေျဖရွင္းႏိုင္မႈ စြမ္းရည္ကိုလည္းရရွိေစႏိုင္ပါသည္။ တြယ္တက္ျခင္းျဖင့္ ပေဟ႒ိမ်ားကိုအေျဖရွာသကဲ့သို႔ ျဖစ္ပါသည္။ တစ္ခါတစ္ရံအေနာက္ကို ျပန္ဆုတ္ရျခင္း (သို႔) လမ္းေၾကာင္းသစ္မ်ားရွာေဖြျပီး ျပန္လည္စတင္ရျခင္း ျပဳလုပ္ရပါသည္။ အားကစားကို စိတ္၀င္စားမႈ နည္းပါးေသာကေလးမ်ားအတြက္ပင္လွ်င္ မယံုႏိုင္ေလာက္ေအာင္ အံ့ၾသမႈစြမ္းရည္မ်ားေပးစြမ္းႏိုင္ပါသည္။ ထို႔အျပင္ ကေလးမ်ားသည္ မိမိကိုယ္ကို အႏၱရာယ္မွ ကာကြယ္ႏိုင္ေသာစိတ္ႏွင့္ တာ၀န္ယူတတ္မႈ စြမ္းရည္တို႔ကိုသင္ယူႏိုင္ပါသည္။

Mondays3:00 ~ 5:30 pm

(last check in 4:30 pm)

3 y.o & above6022 Apr ~ 24 Jun 2019
Tuesdays3:00~5:30 pm

(last check in 4:30 pm)

23 Apr ~ 25 Jun 2019
Thursdays4:15 ~ 5:30 pm

(last check in 4:30 pm)

25 Apr ~ 27 Jun 2019
(Package Only)
1:00 ~ 4:00 pm

(last check in 3:00 pm)

3 y.o & above
(1:00~2:30)5y.o & above
27 Apr ~ 29 Jun 2019

** Maximum participants 12 persons per 60 mins.

  • Strictly “ONE ADULT for ONE CHILD” in the bouldering room
  • And 3 ~14yrs old child needs personal assistance at ALL TIME (14 yrs & above can participate alone)
  • Drop-in session (one-time payment) is available with advance booking (Mondays to Fridays )
  • Kindly choose your preferable session/hours at the registration
  • Adult can participate with separate payment with child

Rules for using bouldering wall

  • This facility is for our club members only.
  • All participants must aware of our prior rules and regulation.
  • Bring your appropriate shoes. (not thick sole)
  • Rental shoes (with fee) are available with limited number. (Must wear your own socks.)
  • Long sports pants are recommended.
  • Short finger nails are a must.
  • For your own safety, all participants are requested to follow the instructions and the rules.Unless you will be asked to leave the class.

*Age changes of music & movement/fitness classes

Thank you for joining our classes! For provide more effective learning opportunities in our classes, we re-organized our curriculum and age setting as below, starting January 2019. Thank you again for your understand and kind co-operation !

  • Peek a boo class
    • Ages 0~18 months -> 0~12 months old (peek a boo  1),  12~18 months old  (peek a boo  2)
  • Baby fitness class
    • Ages 0~18 months ->    12 ~2 1 months old
  • Merry go round
  • Ages 18 months to 3 years old -> 18 ~ 24 months old
  • Doremiland
    • Ages 18 months to 3 years old -> 21 ~ 36 months old
  • Jack in the Box
    • Age 3~5 years old -> 3~4 years old  (Jack in the box 1),  4~5 years old  (Jack in the box 2)