Kid Fitness

Kid Fitness

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*Baby Fitness Class (30 mins.) (0 ~ 18 months)

Physical exercise classes are extremely helpful for your baby's total development. We offer different ways to interact with others, providing safe and warm environment by using baby friendly soft and hygienic materials such as balls, mats, slide, balancing beam and many more.    

* Kids Fitness Class (45mins.) aged 3 ~ 8 y/o

Our well designed, safe and stimulating environment which young children can explore And experiment with lots of fun. Various exercises are based on Japan Child Physical Association Curriculum which includes, Basic Movement, Ball exercise, jumping rope Gymnastic Exercise (Mat exercise, Iron bar, Horse box, Balance Beam…etc…). Fun Bouldering stimulates children to use all their limbs, along with their mind. It also helps children to solve the problems and to know the joy of achievement.